Gorkha’s New Advertisement In Regional Language Is Winning Hearts In Nepal

Gorkha Beer New Advertisement Campaign in Regional Language  

Gorkha Beer has created a new identity for itself in terms of brand communication. It brings a fresh and creative breakthrough highlighting on the reflection of a Gorkhali/Nepali and bringing out the true essence of the brand.

Creative Use of Shadow: This homegrown beer brand has been using shadow in an innovative manner to depict reflection of what the brand stands for.

In the previous campaign, “Hami Gorkhali” (which translates to “We Gorkhali”), the brand used various mnemonics like “Khukri”, “Namaste” and “Mountain” as a reflection from the bottle. It reflected the personality of a Gorkhali and also portrayed the reflection of the product.


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Evolvement of the campaign from Personality to Emotions:

The new campaign succeeds the “Hami Gorkhali” campaign while staying in line with the brand’s innovative communication strategy. Adapting shadow as the medium of expression, the new campaign “Nepali Paan, Gorkhali Maan” shifts gear from expression of personality of a Gorkhali to expression of emotions that binds the Gorkhali/Nepali together.

The new advertisement shows the formation of an upward rising fist in the background while a group of friends raise a toast indicating a toast to the Gorkhali spirit of Unison. The reflection of a clasped fist through the bottle depicts a harmonious relation among them.

Use of Regional language:

Using local language in the communication is an interesting approach where the brand has attempted to adapt the campaign to make it relatable to the ethnic communities. The communication has been adapted to 7 different regional languages and its execution in the digital medium has been gaining traction already.

This is a brand whose ads you look forward to. Hoping that the next campaign would take this a notch higher. Kudos Gorkha.


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