John Jacobs Celebrates Relatable Emotional Experiences That Make Us Human

The essence of the modern-day human experience is unpredictability.

As people encounter the inevitable ebbs and flows, new perspectives from those who share a similar zest for life elevate these innately human moments and give them a deeper meaning.

John Jacobs is weaving these relatable human narratives with the core ethos of the brand – seeing and ‘Being Seen’. The brand film conveys this message through striking visuals and a unique storytelling format that has not one, but multiple protagonists.

Each character in the montage represents a different lived experience, life stage, and background to reflect the diversity in outlooks and the importance of self-expression in making sure your point of view is seen and understood. 

The strong personalities in the narrative are accentuated by the choice of eyewear that embodies their respective moods, desires, and emotions and best suits their being.

With subtle placements, John Jacobs’ master metalworks and sunglasses stand out in every sequence without compromising the cinematography or the largeness of their message.

It’s about the wearers, not just the glasses 

Without taking away from the essence of human emotions that their narrative is centred around, the brand seamlessly blurs the lines between ‘looking good’ and ‘feeling good’ to express the real power of fashion in strengthening one’s individuality.