Here’s Why Nestlé GERBER® Collected Plastic Waste From 2000 Households

When Nestlé GERBER® collected plastic waste from 2000 households across Delhi-NCR, their objective was to transform this waste into something truly beautiful – something more meaningful. 

They converted 2200 kgs of plastic waste into park benches and fun games for toddlers, in line with their philosophy of taking ‘little steps for little ones’. 

Check out this sustainability initiative, thoughtfully carried out by the brand: 

With this initiative, Nestlé GERBER® acted on their brand philosophy… in more ways than one, by creating something beautiful and meaningful for toddlers!

It’s more than just recycled plastic 

At the core of this campaign by Nestlé GERBER® was their promise of ‘Anything for the little ones’. 

Installed at Tau Devi Lal Biodiversity Park in Gurgaon, these benches and games are symbolic of the brand’s efforts to bring this heartfelt promise to life.