‘Your Wife Is Hot’ Ad Appears On A Billboard Despite Being Banned

An ad released by an air conditioning company, is facing backlash for the ad concept, and is being criticised for its sexist nature. It’s basically a billboard featuring a woman with the following text :

“Your wife is hot!”

“Get the air conditioning fixed”

Clearly, the former is to grab the audience’s attention. This was rightly banned from being displayed publicly, but despite the ban, it has anyone been released and features on various billboards.

People criticising the ad say that it tells the society that it is okay to comment on a woman’s body, and objectify it. They also are of the opinion that it sends out a message that it is the men who are in charge of the purchases made in a household.

The ad designer has defended it saying that it was “a little bit of harmless fun”, and was inspired by something he saw in USA. Probably this ad below :

The designer also claims that he considered creating a version that read, “Your husband is hot” but eventually went ahead with the other copy.