WazirX Draws Clever Parallels Between Football And Buying Bitcoin In Its Euro 2020 Campaign

WazirX, the cryptocurrency exchange platform, has teamed up with SonyLIV to co-present the ongoing UEFA European Football Championship (Euro 2020), which was rescheduled due to the pandemic to this year.

The brand aims to attract new users by connecting with the millions of young, tech-savvy Indians who are tuning in to watch the much-awaited football tournament on the OTT platform.

As part of the partnership, WazirX has launched a new campaign positioning itself as the go-to platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies in India – ‘India ka Bitcoin exchange’.

With three short films, the campaign illustrates the  Simplicity, Ubiquity, and Accessibility provided by the platform by drawing clever parallels with the game of football, encouraging football fans to consider cryptocurrency as an  emerging asset class while making investments.

The one with simplicity

The one with ubiquity

The one with accessibility

The first film showcases how  simple it is to start investing in assets like Bitcoin with the help of WazirX, drawing parallels with the universality of playing football. . The second film shows the increasing popularity of crypto assets amongst a growing base across India.. While the third illustrates the ease  of trading  in cryptocurrencies on Wazirx; all while tying in with the theme of football. 

With over 6 million users, WazirX is India’s largest crypto exchange offering multiple unique features such as a 50% referral commission and its Smart Token Fund. STF is a simplified and never-done-before way to help users grow their cryptocurrency portfolio which allows investors to avoid confusion and hesitancy by providing the expertise of the right STF Trader which investors can choose for themselves based on trading history, performance, and more.

Disclaimer : Cryptocurrency investments are subject to market risks such as volatility and have no guaranteed returns. Please do your own research before investing.