The BigB Bot By Flipkart Is The Most Innovative Use Of WhatsApp We Have Seen

In the last week we saw various marketing campaigns from brands trying to make the most of the festive season, and often the communication felt very redundant. Amidst this clutter, Flipkart rolled out a never-seen-before campaign leveraging a combination of Bollywood and technology.

They introduced the BigB WhatsApp Bot, where you can interact with Bollywood’s BigB and at the same time make the most of the Big Billion Days Sale. It was an industry-first campaign, where Amitabh Bachchan’s virtual version took you through all that you needed to know about the sale, and in a very fun and quirky manner. It feels like Big B is taking us through the offers personally, and who wouldn’t love that!

This was done in partnership with Facebook and the two tech platforms came together to give users a never-seen-before experience.

This was backed by trivia, offers via emojis, and other fun contests. The product was launched both in Hindi and English, to ensure maximum reach and relatability with varied sets of audience. In another interesting feature, emojis were used to unveil offers on certain categories. If a shoe emoji was chosen, offers on footwear were displayed.

From BigB revealing discounts and offers customised for the user, to BigB showcasing messages from Alia Bhatt, it was as much fun as it was smart.

It was truly an immersive experience and the audience was loving it, right from the word go!

WhatsApp being one of the most used apps in the country, this innovation truly worked like a charm for Flipkart. 

We loved it, do let us know what you thought about it?