Steve Carell Plays A Stressed Santa Claus In This Very 2020 Christmas Ad

Here’s what you need to know about Xfinity’s (a telecom company from US) holiday ad.

  • Everyone’s favourite Steve Carell plays Santa
  • Steve Carell plays Santa in this ad
  • Steve Carell is Santa

That’s pretty much all the reason you should need to view Xfinity’s new holiday ad. But here’s some premise setting nonetheless. Santa (played by Steve Carell, in case we haven’t mentioned already) believes that Christmas presents this year cannot be the same. They need to be different. So he calls (on Zoom, duh) his elves and asks them to come up with ideas, until one of them figures out what needs to be done.

The video is filled with 2020 habits. From Santa attending a video call without pants, to Santa’s wife showing up in a towel while he’s on a zoom call. Oh and he keeps talking on mute as well.

Check it out!