A Toothless Grandma with her Cutting Machine, Colgate Just Created The Quirkiest Campaign

A toothless grandma with her cutting machine in Colgate’s latest ad has been all the talk recently. 

Trust Colgate to find new and unconventional ways to bring their message to life. 

With an eccentric campaign, this time the brand set out to highlight a unique proposition “Yeh paste hi nahi, daanton ka poshan hai!” with an iconic character called “Cutting Machine”.

A new concept 

The market is flooded with products that provide nourishment to the body, skin, and hair… but nourishment to the teeth? Colgate took up an important narrative that hadn’t been addressed before. 

The ad leverages a toothless granny in this toothpaste ad with her cutting machine in a humorous yet charming way. 

This story revolves on how the granny is dependent on her cutting machine for simple pleasures of life.

Presenting the “Cutting Machine”

All of us have been the ‘chotu’ of our parents/grandparents to do small jobs at home. 

Here the similar character of “cutting machine” is such an expert resource for her toothless granny, that she uses her strong teeth to bite off food and packets for her all day.

Since the granddaughter uses Colgate Strong Teeth, her teeth get ample nourishment for 2X strength and are able to support her granny in her daily life.

Why the campaign stands out

Breaking away from regular toothpaste ads, Colgate created an impact in an unusual, but still effective way. 

Known for conceptualising disruptive narratives, the brand once again played to its strengths to execute a unique idea with an innovative, memorable, and ‘fresh’ approach.