How Bridgestone India Approached Their Father’s Day Campaign

Each year, the third Sunday of June is reserved to celebrate fathers around the world and express gratitude for everything they do for us. From being our first coaches, to coming to our rescue whenever we need them – dads do it all.

One of the stand-out campaigns that caught our eye this year was Bridgestone’s heart-warming video campaign, that struck quite a chord with the audience.

Here’s a deep dive into the campaign thought and execution, and what made it one of the best Father’s Day campaigns of 2022.


For a Father’s Day campaign to strike a chord with the viewers, it has to be relatable. The audience should be able to relate to the content, and be able to imagine themselves in those situations. When they see the campaign, they should get an ‘aah moment’.

Bridgestone did exactly that – it picked up on an insight that we could all relate to.

The insight

Growing up, we learn most of life’s hard lessons by watching our dads. Be it to overcome a problem or fearlessly face it. It is not a stretch to say that our dads are the pillars of strength for us, no matter the situation.

Bridgestone India captured all of these emotions, and so much more in the most poetic and moving way possible. 

The video

The emotional connect

The ad, written as a poem, brought alive the childhood memories we shared with our dads, memories that form the foundation of who we become in life. Be it endless math lessons or taking the wheel for the first time, isn’t is dad’s constant Pyaar Wali Daat that always gives us the strength to do better.

With cheesy dad jokes and long speeches that are actually pretty valuable life lessons, it is he who reassures us at every step of the way, even when we lose faith in our ourselves.

The adorable video reminded everyone that our fathers do so much more than just fulfil their duties; they help us form the foundation of our lives.

The results

The campaign received more than 8.5 million impressions, reaching over 5.1 million users and being viewed more than 2.7 million times. Truly, a campaign that won everyone’s hearts this Father’s Day.