Bira 91 Charts Out Their Inspiring Path Towards Become A Net Zero Company By 2025

“We will be carbon neutral by year 2065”

“We are doing everything we can to be sustainable”

“We care about the environment, and we will save it”

Over the last few years, many, many brands have said these phrases. But very few have had any actionable plan in place. We hear they will do everything they can to be sustainable, but we never hear what those things are.

Enter Bira 91.

Bira 91, is walking the talk, by laying out a detailed, actionable and measurable plan on how it plans to become India’s first Net Zero beer company by 2025 (check it out here).  Yes 2025, five full years ahead of the benchmarks set by global beer brands.

Before we get into the details, let’s roll back to why this is so important. Apart from the obvious and more pressing reason that the earth needs all businesses to start being more responsible, it is also very important for today’s consumers. Consumers create an affinity towards brands who make better choices for the planet.

The importance increases even more if you are a growing business, which Bira 91 is. More than seven pints of Bira 91 are consumed every single second. With scale, the impact on the environment increases as well, and it’s heartening to see a brand recognize it and plan for it.

But here’s what really caught our eye. Every time a sustainability report is released, it doesn’t appeal to the audience. It is long, jargon heavy, and often uninspiring. Bira 91 however realised two things:

1) A sustainability report which can engage the viewer will not only make it easier for the consumer to understand the brand’s plan, but it might just inspire other brands and set them on the path towards building sustainable businesses as well.

2) A sustainability report which is watchable, easily understandable and shareable will truly create a brand connect with all those consumers who value these initiatives.

Bira 91 doesn’t plan to venture on this journey alone. It wants to inspire other brands to do the same, and also involve consumers to do their bit towards more sustainable living. For instance, draft beer has 50% less carbon footprint than cans or bottles, and a change consumers can easily make to their consumption.

Committing to building a Net Zero company isn’t just about laying out a plan and releasing a fancy video, it involves major investments in manufacturing and supply chain to help move towards that goal, and Bira 91 is putting its money where its mouth is. With every step, the brand is creating real and measurable impact, for everyone to see.

As the brand says, “in our world, zero > 91”