An Intern At HBO Max Sent Out An Empty Test Mail And The Internet’s Reaction Was Priceless

Last week, a mysterious email with the subject line ‘Integration Test Email #1’ from HBO Max’s official account landed in its subscribers’ inboxes, causing a great deal of confusion.

Just a few hours later, HBO Max tweeted an apology stating that the test email was allegedly sent out by an intern. 

Soon, people began tweeting supportive messages starting with ‘Dear intern’, sharing embarrassing stories about mistakes they made at all points in their careers. 

From taking down Spotify, to sharing details about their menstrual cycle with the whole company, the thread is a gold-mine of goof-ups. 

Even Monica Lewinsky, who had an affair with the former US president Bill Clinton while she was an intern at the White House, tweeted in support of the intern with some tongue-in-cheek advice. 

She refers to an image of her standing next to the president wearing a beret that was splashed across every tabloid when the scandal broke out. 

Snickers jumped in to offer comfort too.

Whether the email was actually sent out by an intern or not, this became a great marketing moment for the streaming platform, and also a masterclass in how to apologise after an error. 

While many companies would do nothing in such a situation, by fessing up right away and admitting to the mistake, HBO Max won thousands of hearts, if not millions.