This Latest Campaign By ADIDAS Got WhatsApp Groups Buzzing!

As part of adidas’ global #WeRepresent campaign, the brand has launched a new collection of VRCT jackets in India. These are iconic varsity jackets which bear the symbol of what different people stand for. The brand believes in self expression, and the fact that it is our unique life experiences that represent us.

To create buzz about the VRCT jackets in India, adidas launched a kickass campaign in partnership with LBB, which used WhatsApp marketing in a unique and fun way. Brands have been struggling with using WhatsApp as a medium to engage with their users and no one has really cracked a solution yet. However, this fun approach by adidas ensured that the WhatsApp community was thoroughly engaged. The campaign saw more than 10,000 entries in just 10 days.

We are all part of various Whatsapp group chats, but there is that one group that we truly connect with. It could be with our oldest friends, or it could be with our closest family – but there’s always that one group which you don’t mind spamming with your vacation photos. The brand thus, wanted to hear stories from users on what connects them with the people in their group.

This also gave users a chance to get a personalised WhatsApp DP for their groups from adidas.

The iconic varsity jacket now has a fresh personification in the form of the VRCT jackets, which users can buy from here.

We loved the campaign, what about you?