Tork Motors Celebrated ‘The New Race of Dads’  with ‘The New Race of Bikes’

On Father’s Day, brands go all out to give dads the love and appreciation they deserve. 

But… what about pet dads?

Pet dads put in all the care and effort to give their furry babies nothing but the best, and yet they go unnoticed.

Here to acknowledge all that they do and enable their new-age lifestyle, Tork Motors dedicated a brilliant campaign to them. At the heart of the campaign is a unique innovation that enhances the life of dads who make alternative choices:

The new race of bikesFor the new race of dads

The campaign highlighted the hassle-free, enjoyable riding experience that the brand’s newest electric bike, the Kratos-R, offers with a truly inclusive and progressive modification.

Tork Motors engineered a custom pet mod as a surprise for a few pet dads, enabling them to go on a special ride with their pets on Father’s Day, and captured the beautiful moments in a film.

 A heart-warming initiative 

Leaving their pets behind at home is something that every pet parent does with a heavy heart. The brand built on this relatable insight, and addressed it with a solution that enabled them to go on a special ride with their pets.

With a wholesome campaign, Tork Motors connected with the audience through a fresh, unique, and truly one-of-a-kind approach.