Sundaram Mutual’s Flexi Cap Fund Campaign Crosses 10M YouTube Views

Sundaram Mutual, a leading Asset Management Company, recently announced the launch of their new open-ended equity scheme, Sundaram Flexi Cap Fund. The fund is a one stop solution for every investor’s equity needs as Flexi Cap funds can allocate across large, mid and small caps without any restrictions. This allows the  fund manager to invest efficiently, analyzing risks and blending caps to make the most of the markets. 

To build awareness around the fund, Sundaram Mutual has partnered with Social Beat, Digital Growth partner, to launch a massive multi-channel campaign across social and digital media with a host of creatives, videos, and events for investors and distributors. 

Diving into the campaign

Sundaram Mutual launched a video commercial using food as a metaphor to convey the benefits of investing in the fund. The ad film featured a customer who places a challenging order for the chef. The chef, who has the expertise, takes this up as an interesting opportunity and delivers exactly what the customer wants. The customer is extremely impressed and elated with the service. The video concludes with a voice over stating that this is just like the easy, stress-free experience an investor would get, if they invest in the Sundaram Flexi Cap Fund. 

The brand also launched an ad to represent the mindset of the customer through a visual symbol of the Laughing Buddha. The consumer sentiment that was communicated by this symbol is the relaxed state of mind of the investor when they invest in the Flexi Cap Fund

Additionally, teasers were also released across their social channels to create a buzz around the fund. Multiple creatives were rolled out to build curiosity among customers about something coming up, including informational content to educate them about Flexi Cap as a category. Post the launch, more digital activities such as webinars, live streams, Q&As were leveraged across channels.

The fund house has created several digital enablers for distributors and investors for transacting in this fund. QR codes have been used extensively at points of sale – branches, collection centers and distributor offices. Print creatives with QR codes across national and regional dailies also served as NFO applications delivered to homes in  all parts of the country. 

On the launch of the new Flexi Cap Fund, Sunil Subramaniam, Managing Director, Sundaram Mutual said,“Sundaram Mutual is one of the oldest brands in the industry with a lineage of over 25 years. We have always put the customer at the center of what we do – launching products to cater to their diverse investment preferences. In the recent past, we have launched several funds such as Sundaram Services Fund, Sundaram Balanced Advantage Fund, Sundaram Large Cap Fund (erstwhile Sundaram Bluechip Fund) to meet their investment needs and reach a broader audience. Our new launch, Sundaram Flexi Cap Fund, allows for greater diversification, and investors can relax while the fund manager Optimizes Opportunities for them.”

Ajit Narasimhan, Chief Marketing Officer, Sundaram Mutual added, “Sundaram Mutual, a traditional brick-and-mortar brand, has over the last 5 years pivoted to digital and has built a large captive audience on social media.The brand is now one of the largest in the industry in terms of social presence. Our multi-channel campaign for Sundaram Flexi Cap Fund takes advantage of this presence to target consumers across key demographics. The Laughing Buddha is our anchor creative as the fund strives to deliver a state of happiness, relaxation, contentment, and well-being to investors through its Flexi Cap nature.”

Commenting on the launch, Suneil Chawla, Co-Founder, Social Beat said, “We are absolutely thrilled to continue our collaboration and relationship with Sundaram Mutual.. Our goal with the integrated marketing campaign here is to reach multiple investor segments and shed light on how the Flexi Cap Fund can help them.With our visual cue of the Laughing Buddha and the TVC for Sundaram Mutual, we seemed to have struck a chord with the right audience in the right way. We are really excited about the prospects of this and everything we’ve got planned for Sundaram Mutual!”