SMART Bazaar Is Making Holi Celebrations Inclusive With A Unique Take On Pichkaris

In India, we take our festivals very seriously. Occasions like Holi are celebrated with the utmost energy, loads of colour, and so much buoyancy! SMART Bazaar, one of India’s largest retail brand, has come up with a beautiful initiative to make this Holi, an-all-inclusive one.The brand wanted to do much more than just make a poignant festival film driving sales. It wanted to go the distance and make everyone’s Holi, an actual special one.

In an initiative to make Holi a more inclusive experience for people without arms, SMART Bazaar did something truly special by designing a ‘smart pichkari’ that can be used by the specially-abled.

The endeavour was to break down barriers and shape a society where everybody feels welcomed and valued irrespective of their physical abilities.

An initiative towards a more inclusive world

The brand took a proactive approach to tend to the needs of this section of society. They collaborated with NGOs to make an impact at a bigger scale.

Together, they distributed the smart pichkaris to NGOs where people without arms reside, and added some cheer and excitement within these communities. This initiative has no commercial value attached to it or the product. This unique initiative by SMART Bazaar has indeed added colors to many people’s lives.

A beautiful thought executed in a sincere way, the campaign strived to give everyone an equal opportunity to participate in the joy of Holi, and bring about a positive change in the world we live in.

Leading by example

Not only did SMART Bazaar raise awareness about the importance of treating everyone with respect and dignity but they also inspired others to be more mindful of people with special needs.

The campaign is a wonderful example of how companies can use their resources and creativity for a good cause to promote an equitable world for all.

A thoughtful initiative with an empathetic message – one that sure made Holi celebrations all the more special this year! Ab sab manayenge jamke Holi

Here’s what the CEO of Reliance Retail Value Format, Damodar Mall had to say about this initiative:

“Being an inclusive platform is the DNA of SmartBazaar. Our stores democratise small everyday products. Our DNA also shows in the way we practice gender and ability inclusivity in our store teams.

This Holi, we chose to push the envelope further – not leaving the last person out of the celebrations. Teams worked to create a unique pichkari for the specially abled. And to share it with a story crafted by the Leo Burnett India team. Everyone’s Holi should be complete.”

Here’s what CMO of Reliance Retail Value Format, Lalatendu Panda said:

“Holi is my favorite festival of the year. But, these last few pandemic-hit years bereft of Holi celebrations lent me an added perspective – what about those who have never experienced this beautiful festival even once?

And so, we at SMART Bazaar thought of something to extend the joy of Holi to everyone. Like mixing so many Holi colors, we mixed a few elements. A simple modification to a quintessential Holi ‘essential’…
Something we hope will bring some joy to those who never experienced the joys of Holi.”