Rebound’s Latest Campaign Is The Perfect Cure For Every Party Animal’s Hangover Blues

The key to having a fun party, is to end it on the right note. For obvious reasons, nobody enjoys the dreaded hangover the next day. 

So, how do we address the age-old problem? 

Rebound created an effective solution – a hangover fix drink that is the perfect ‘last shot’ on a night out! 

If you’re a party animal, this one’s for you 

The brand’s proposition sticks with you: 

Party like an animal, wake up like a human! 

The objective is to cater to the specific needs of diverse cohorts in the Indian market. 

From young adults at nightclubs, to busy professionals who work hard to strike the work-life balance, and even health-conscious consumers who prioritize their well-being over and above everything…

The brand is positioning itself as the ultimate hangover fix for all of their target audiences. 

A creative approach 

Using witty wordplay and an eccentric narrative, Rebound is highlighting what sets them apart: natural ingredients that ensure an energised morning after a night of partying. 

The ideal course of events would be to wake up feeling fresh, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the day’s challenges, but in reality, none of that happens when you’re nursing a hangover. 

While reiterating the advantages of a hangover-free morning, the brand took the opportunity to introduce their flavours, features, and benefits with a clever approach. 

A relatable problem. An effective solution!

Rebound found the perfect way to spark curiosity around the brand, resonate with the audience, and prompt action to encourage responsible drinking. 

Quirky, humorous, and clutter-breaking, the brand struck all the chords with this campaign!