On Father’s Day, SBI Life Insurance Created A Special Campaign Based On A Meaningful Insight

Fathers play a special role in our lives. 

From fulfilling their own dreams, to helping kids achieve theirs – they are a beacon of inspiration in the true sense of the term. 

Over the years, SBI Life Insurance has honoured dads and their unwavering spirit with the #PapaHaiNa campaign. To add a meaningful spin to it this year, the brand brought a heartfelt insight to life with a moving brand film: 

Setting an example 

Nobody does it like fathers do. 

The narrative highlights the never-give-up attitude of a father, and his journey to becoming a football coach despite all the hurdles he had to encounter. By leveraging AI technology, the storytelling experience is enhanced with visual elements that emphasized the timelessness of a father-child bond in a truly special way.

As Ritika vows to persevere despite an injury, the audience is taken back to a time when her father had gone through a similar experience, to showcase the brand’s main core message: 

‘Apne Liye Apno Ke Liye’.

The proposition highlights that when you pursue your own passion, you inspire your loved ones too, to pursue their individual passions!

What qualities? 

Taking every challenge head-on and overcoming obstacles even in the most trying times, is a skill that children pick up from their father’s example. 

Refusing to quit no matter how hard things get… we get it from our dads! 

As Ritika stands up for herself and her beliefs, SBI Life Insurance’s insight shines through: 

Children learn from their dads, and because of it, they are the biggest source of inspiration for them. 

Maine Papa Se Seekha 

The initiative is a tribute to all fathers who make an effort to stay connected with their kids; to all those fathers who have kept the promises they made to themselves… as well as their families. 

The campaign addresses a common conflict in the father-child relationship, to demonstrate why this isn’t a cause for friction, but rather an indication of a beautiful bond that only strengthens over time. 

Speaking about the campaign, Mr. Ravindra Sharma, Chief of Brand, Corporate Communication & CSR, SBI Life, said, “Fathers have always been known for being the primary bread winners but over the period of time, their role has undergone phases of change. In the journey of providing immense love with unwavering dedication, fathers today are seen someone who inspire their children to not only pursue their dreams but also drives them to never give up amidst life’s challenges. SBI Life’s #PapaHainNa digital film acknowledges every father who not only believes in his passion, pursues it but also stands as an inspiration to his child and supports the child in her/his endeavours.” He further added, “Through our #PapaHainNaa film we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all fathers who go above and beyond to create lasting connections with their children. We salute fathers who, amidst difficulties, never give up, rise above and serve as beacon of inspiration to their children.”

Heartfelt and hard-hitting, SBI Life Insurance struck a chord with this campaign and made this Father’s Day all the more meaningful this time around!