Here’s How Lexicon IHM Is Shaping The Future Of The Hotel Industry

By the hoteliers, for the hoteliers.

A new-age hotel school that is rooted in this philosophy, Lexicon IHM seeks to mould the next generation of hospitality by giving students the relevant, current and ‘in-demand’ education.

Here’s what they are doing right, how they are doing it, and why that sets them apart from the rest: 

First up, the curriculum 

It is designed with input from various leaders across some of the most renowned hotels in the world today. 

The idea is to keep it industry-current… and what can be more relevant than students being taught skills that their future employers actually require and want? 

The curriculum hopes to bridge the gap between academia and industry. It gives students access to the latest and greatest technologies that help them get a better understanding of how the industry works in actuality, and not just in theory books. 

Next, the deep industry collaborations 

To curate a distinguished classroom experience, Lexicon IHM partnered up with some renowned hotel chains including: 

  • Marriott International 
  • Hyatt Hotels Corporation
  • Accor India 
  • Sarovar Hotels & Resorts 

These partnerships go beyond one-off industry interaction. The hotels actually conduct classrooms in the institute to give students a deeper insight into the hospitality world, along with a more hands-on experience. 

Thirdly, the governing council 

The faculty and council comprise business leaders and domain experts who know the nitty-gritty of the industry and are widely respected for their contributions to their respective organizations. 

Their expertise and inputs add more finesse to the course, which goes a long way in giving students a taste of the real world.

For instance, the institution is headed by Mr. Nasir Shaikh, the ex-Chairman of the Marriott India Business Council and an award-winning GM with Marriott International.

The Principal, Mr. Sagar Chitre, breaks down the institute’s philosophy and all that it stands for:

Finally, the infrastructure to enable seamless execution 

Good-quality education warrants solid infrastructure.

With live cooking sessions, mini theatres, auditoriums, interactive classes, etc. the institution wants to provide students with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities needed to truly pick up and practice skills that are fundamental to the hospitality industry. 

The right opportunities, experiences, and guidance 

With a promising proposition, Lexicon IHM wants to make “practical learning” so much more accessible for students. The future of the industry depends on the students of today, and with all its offerings, the institution aspires to pave a reassuring way forward.