Here Are The Best Father’s Day Campaigns Of 2023

From gratitude to openness to classic dad humour, this year’s rollout of Father’s Day campaigns connected with the audience across a range of emotions. 

To celebrate the multi-faceted father-child relationship, brands got creative with refreshing themes that definitely left behind a big impact!

Here’s our pick of the best Father’s Day campaigns of 2023: 

  1. Welme | #NoMoreSecrets 

Welme ditched all the cliches with a sincere brand film that showcased the power of a father-daughter bond in a truly special way. 

The campaign builds on the fact that girls should be able to talk to their fathers about anything, including open conversations about period pain. Keeping it real and relatable, the brand struck all the right chords this one!

  1. SBI Life Insurance | #PapaHaiNa 

SBI Life Insurance’s campaign is based on a meaningful insight: children learn from their dads, and that’s why they are the biggest source of inspiration for them. 

To honour their unwavering spirit, the brand expressed gratitude towards fathers for setting the right example on how to embody important values such as commitment, dedication, and determination. 

  1. Zomato | F.A.T.H.E.R 

Zomato’s campaign for Father’s Day is as clever and humorous as you’d hope from the brand. 

Dads love us… but they struggle to express this feeling of love. Building on this idea, the brand created an institution ‘Fathers Academy Of Teaching How To Emote Regularly’. 

The name is self-explanatory, and the outcome is simply iconic: 

Which one was your favourite?

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