DLF Malls Is Taking Us Beyond Our Favourite Brands And Re-Visiting Their Journey So Far

DLF Malls is a pioneer in curating new experiences for its audience and interacts with them in newer, innovative ways. 

In line with this approach, the brand is expanding its digiverse of creativity with a one-of-a-kind exclusive video series in association with some of our favourite brands! 

‘DLF Malls Beyond the Brand’ is a fortnightly series, featuring the leaders of the retail industry as they get candid and conversational about their success stories and brand journeys. 

Hosted by Ms. Pushpa Bector, Executive Director, DLF Retail, this new initiative is focused on giving viewers a sneak peek into the world of retail and all the lesser-known facts!

Episode #1: Shantnu & Nikhil 

From working with Amitabh Bachchan to creating pieces for Mr. Aditya Birla – the dynamic duo is sticking to the theme of ‘going beyond’, to give patrons a glimpse into the universe of contemporary Indian fashion. 

The candid format of this episode strikes the right balance between business and entertainment to carve out a niche in the digital space. 

Episode #2: Harsh Modi

Mulmul has been a trendsetter in re-shaping traditional ethnic wear for the contemporary era. Harsh Modi is the man behind the change in narrative, and he’s getting into the details of how he made it all happen.

This episode dives deep into the backstory, vision, and objective of the brand with fun and enlightening insights into the retail space!

Episode #3: Laksheeta Govil

A homegrown footwear brand that has perfected the art of keeping it traditional yet contemporary for the modern Indian woman, Fizzy Goblet has been the talk of the town recently.

Catch the latest episode featuring Laksheeta Govil, the founder, as she gets into the details of what inspired her to start the brand, the current goals, and what future collaborations look like for Fizzy G!

Episode #4: Raul Rai

As the co-founder of Nicobar, Raul Rai made his vision apparent from the get-go: an Indian aesthetic, but with a global outlook. His experiences in India inspired him to create designs with a tropical language, and truly honour the coastal culture of the country.

As its name suggests, the final episode of DLF Malls’ docu-series goes beyond the brand and encourages an open conversation, without any layers and filters.

Watch this space for all the other episodes – there are many more stories left to be heard!