Coke Zero Got Influencers To Speak On Behalf Of Tiger Shroff In This Hilarious Campaign

Tiger Shroff is left speechless in Coke Zero’s latest campaign. The beverage tasted so good, that he was too preoccupied to even voice his opinion. 

To take it up a notch, the new ad features him being lost in his own world, to the tune of an iconic melody, and relishing the ‘best taste ever’ – but not saying a word about it!

What were his thoughts? What was he feeling? What did he want to say? 

Coke asked the viewers to take a guess: 

The silence wasn’t hinting at any answers. 

So, Coke invited the top influencers from the country to take over and become Tiger Shroff’s inner voice. The results were hilarious! 

Starting with Abish Mathew’s iconic rendition 

RJ Praveen took up the challenge and encouraged viewers at home to come up with their own remixes 

RJ Kisna also came forward to highlight why Coke Zero has ‘the best taste ever’ 

Talk about being out-of-the-box! 

No one does creativity like Coca-Cola. 

The aim was to create an engaging, exciting, and fun campaign! By encouraging influencers and viewers to speak on Tiger’s behalf, Coke sparked intrigue, grabbed attention, and did something fun and fresh that no brand has ever done before.