Audi India Is Creating a Progressive Tomorrow Inspired By The Changemakers of Today

What does ‘progress’ mean to you? 

It is a term that is subjective, yet so overarching that it always stems from a want to learn more, grow more, and set powerful end goals for oneself. 

Building on this ideology, Audi India brought 5 trailblazing personalities across various facets of life to the forefront, and inspired a new era of innovation using their example. 

The #AStoryOfProgress campaign celebrates these changemakers and narrates their individual journeys through the neo-lens of sustainability, design, and performance. 

“Progress is the drive to grow with every experience” – Virat Kohli, Indian International Cricketer 

To him, #LivingProgress is all about conscious living. 

As a crucial player of the Indian international cricket team, he believes that progress on the pitch can only be achieved when progress is made on a personal level. 

Whether it’s eating mindfully or living holistically, his determination to be the best version of himself is what has made him number one on the field. 

“Living progress begins with a single mindful act” – Dia Mirza, Filmmaker, Eco-investor, and UN Goodwill Ambassador 

Progress means different things to different people. 

For Dia Mirza, progress implies a better tomorrow. 

As a UN Ambassador, she had the opportunity to work on the ‘beat plastic’ campaign that led to the historic ban on 21 single-use plastics in India. 

She believes that by incorporating mindfulness into our daily routines, we can leave behind a cleaner world for future generations to live in. 

“We don’t need 10% of the planet to be 100% sustainable, we need 100% of the planet to be 10% sustainable” – Nayantara Jain, Marine Conservationist and Executive Director at Reef Watch India 

Nayantara’s story of progress is rooted in her commitment to conserving and making the ocean a better place. 

She has been researching and restoring coral reefs, and working with the youth of southern coastal India to equip them with the ability to live a sustainable lifestyle. 

“Progress is defined by achieving your goals without giving up on your beliefs” – Prateek Sadhu, Chef 

His philosophy of progress is inspired by the kitchen, where he is constantly evolving to create new cooking techniques that are more eco-conscious. 

Deeply driven by his passion for food, Prateek Sadhu is all about practising mindful and responsible gastronomy for a better tomorrow. 

“The Audi e-tron is the perfect example of sustainable progress”, – Balbir Singh Dhillon 

At Audi, the brand’s stance is that progress means cumulative growth. 

The brand believes in scouting opportunities for growth in areas where others might only see challenges or hardships. 

This initiative is part of Audi’s larger global campaign – tailored to resonate with the Indian audience and instil motivation for positive change in them. 

What’s your story of progress? 

With a clutter-breaking campaign in the mobility segment, Audi India is going beyond just cars to celebrate changemakers and champion conversations around sustainability, design, and performance. 

Truly setting an example on how to lead a conscious lifestyle while simultaneously driving a mindset change for a progressive and new-age India!