Vi Has A Simple And Heartfelt Message To Bring Families Closer

The smartphone is a double-edged sword. While it may connect us to the ones we love when we’re miles apart, it can also act as a barrier, keeping us away from those closest to us. Vi highlights this dichotomy in a thought provoking ad.

The new ad film from Vi makes a case for looking up from our devices, and staying connected with the people around us instead, for the festive season is a time best spent making memories with people in the real world.

We might be with our loved ones physically, but unless we are truly present in the moment, does it really count?

The film puts across an impactful message that makes us contemplate our smartphone usage and prioritise spending quality time with our loved ones.

How? The brand simply asks everyone to ‘Look Up’.

What we really liked about the campaign is that it doesn’t preach instead just leaves us with moments from a household that we can all relate to. The messaging is subtly weaved in the film, and urges us to make one simple change in our daily lives.

The insight is relevant across families, across nationalities, across the year. We live in a hyperconnected world where everyone is glued to their phones every minute of the day. The core message of Vi’s ‘Look Up’ campaign is to live in the moment. Considering Vi is a telecommunications brand that thrives on people using their phones, it’s an interesting and refreshing take that foregoes the usual brand narrative that encourages people to use their services.