Thums Up Is Showing Its Support For Our Paralympic Athletes With A Bold Campaign

Thums Up has been creating waves with their bold and unconventional campaigns over the last month, consistently using their share of voice for those who need it most.

In July, the brand created an inspirational movement for our Olympians through the #PalatDe campaign, getting the entire nation rooting for them. In their latest campaign, Thums Up is giving our Paralympic Athletes a much deserved platform to voice their stories that have been unheard so far.

Our Paralympic athletes have reached where they are by overcoming insurmountable challenges from all walks of life. This campaign not only celebrates their unparalleled spirit, but also drives the conversation on inclusion and diversity in sports. 

Being in elite sports is tough work. The training is extraordinarily intense, and there’s immense pressure to succeed. And if you add the challenge of disability, it’s a different ball game altogether. 

Despite being capable of astonishing feats, people with disabilities are often discouraged from taking up a sport. When they do, they are told not to try too hard and waste their time, for nothing will come out of it. Many of them are even called names and taunted.

But Thums Up is attempting to flip the switch on these pessimists with its latest communication that is aptly titled ‘Taane Palat De’.

The campaign film features six athletes representing our country at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. They are seen training hard in sportswear splattered with the taunts they’ve heard from everyday people, against the backdrop of the inspirational line ‘Taane palat de’.

By wearing the taunts on their backs, the athletes are reclaiming those words and showing all the naysayers that their words have only fuelled their passion even further. Coupled with a highly motivational voiceover, the film gives one goosebumps. 

It is heartening to see a major brand like Thums Up leverage their position as a leading brand in the country by giving voice to those who need it most.

If last month has taught us anything, it is that we need to support our athletes not when they are the peak of glory, but during their hard fought journey. By getting the entire nation behind them with this bold campaign, Thums Up is giving our athletes the belief that we are rooting for them, now and forever.