This Innovative Campaign By HP Helped Save Lives By Reducing Accidents On Highways

Honking is considered a nuisance to daily life. But what if it could save lives?

India’s Jammu-Srinagar highway is touted as one of the world’s deadliest roads. 80 per cent of car accidents occur at dangerous hairpin bends where drivers don’t know what’s coming from the other end.

To get drivers to slow down at these bends, HP Lubricants and Leo Burnett India came up with an innovative solution. They created the world’s first anti-collision vehicle management system and installed it on NH1.

The system consisted of two radar-enabled smart poles that read a vehicle’s speed before communicating with the pole at the other end. Loud honks are sent to the drivers on both ends to slow down and cross safely.

The poles were given a MS/Lacquer glass finish, in order to withstand any given weather condition – rain, snow or fog.

The result:

  • The campaign reduced accidents by 45%, saving thousands of lives.

  • It began a global conversation on road safety.

  • The technology is being replicated at hairpin bends in many more locations by  the National Authority of India.