Shell Celebrates The Strength And Resilience Of Its Employees In An Emotional Film

When the pandemic first hit, nobody knew how to react. Uncertainty loomed in the air for months, but frontline workers across industries took up the responsibility of providing a safe spaces outside our homes every time we ventured out.

From attendants at the fuel stations who helped us and various other essential services to keep running, to store clerks who helped us fill our grocery bags, these real life heroes greeted us with a warm smile behind their masks every time we needed anything.

To highlight the unwavering spirit of these frontline teams, Shell India has rolled out an emotionally stirring film that features a few of their real life heroes who have ensured we keep moving forward, despite facing personal challenges.

The film features real voices such as Manjula Choudki, a customer service champion, who served customers during the pandemic despite dealing with a disability. Manjula talks about how she was worried about not being able to handle a large volume of customers, and the fear of having to quit her job and go back to her village.

Kishan Boricha, a forecourt supervisor, welled up while talking about the less fortunate not having enough food to eat. He recounts how he and his colleagues would carry tiffins on their bikes and distribute food among those who needed it.

The experience was overwhelming not just for the employees, but for customers as well. At a time when people were afraid to roll down their car windows, communicating with them became a challenge. Site managers would conduct safety briefings every morning to teach employees appropriate ways of interacting with customers, ensuring everyone felt safe and cared for in these challenging times.

It has been over 400 days since the global health crisis first shook the world, but even as everything came to a standstill, these front line service champions kept going. Even in the darkest of days, their spirit always shone through.