NASA Is Looking For Volunteers To Practice Living On Mars

It’s no secret that both the public and private sectors (Hello Elon Musk!) have plans to colonise Mars someday. In line with this, NASA has begun taking applications for a year-long mission that will help researchers understand what life on Mars would be like.

Four candidates will be chosen to live in a 3D printed habitat that would simulate the life conditions on the Red Planet. The 1,700 square foot habitat is smaller than a tennis court, and is based inside a building at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

It will have no windows, so the volunteers will be cut off from the outside world. as much as possible.

Apart from surviving on the ‘planet’, the crew will face challenges such as resource limitations, equipment failure, communication delays and other environmental stressors which may be encountered during an actual mission to Mars.

They will even perform simulated spacewalks and scientific missions using virtual reality tech.

Of course, not anyone and everyone can apply. To be eligible, candidates must be non-smoking US citizens or permanent residents aged between 30 to 55 years. A masters degree in a. STEM field such as engineering or math with at least two years of experience is also needed.

Would you volunteer to live in isolation for a whole year to sample life on another planet?