MG Motor Onboards Benedict Cumberbatch As The Face Of The Iconic British Brand In India

Marquee automobile maker MG (Morris Garages) Motor has further accentuated its British heritage and brand persona by announcing their new brand ambassador – Benedict Cumberbatch. The revered actor is right up there, perhaps with a cup of tea, as all things that’s quintessentially British. Given MG Motor is playing up its British essence in India, this brand association with Benedict Cumberbatch is a brilliant move in that direction.

Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the revered and beloved actors in India, known for his multiple outings in movies and tv shows alike. As the face of MG Motor in India, Benedict will certainly add tremendous value to the MG Motor brand. Benedict Cumberbatch commented on the association with MG brand, “I have grown up seeing and reading about MGB’s and MG Midgets, recognizing MG as a classic and iconic brand. I am delighted to be part of the launch of the new MG in India with the MG Hector, which may well be a classic of the future.” 

Check out the video below for more details:


Benedict Cumberbatch as brand ambassador lends a unique combination of British class and pop culture vibes to the iconic MG Motor brand. Given MG has stood for heritage and legacy whilst making foray into the future with tech led innovations, this collaboration with Beneditc Cumberbatch makes perfect sense.

Rajeev Chaba, Managing Director and CEO, MG India, said, “As one of the most recognised and beloved cultural icons from the UK, Benedict has a lot in common with Morris Garages. He has, throughout his career, experimented with various types of roles across stage productions, TV shows and movies to push the bar ever higher, something which resonates with MG’s commitment to technological innovation. His social and philanthropic work, as well as his support for inclusivity beyond gender is also in sync with our core brand ideology of nurturing diversity. We are glad to have Benedict Cumberbatch as our brand ambassador to represent MG.”

It will be interesting to see what goodness does this association bring to both the roads and the world of marketing!