Lego Created A Life-Sized Drivable Toyota GR Supra With Half A Million Bricks

To commemorate the 35th anniversary of Toyota’s GR Supra, Lego created a 1:1 replica of the sports car out of 477,303 LEGO bricks that actually runs!

The team took 2,400 hours to painstakingly piece together almost half a million blocks for the ‘toy’ car. But that’s only half the story. Prior to assembling the vehicle, it took a full 3,000 hours just to develop plans for the project. 

While most of the mode was made out of the bricks, including the detailed console, dash and the passenger seat, its wheels, driver’s seat, steering wheel, gauge cluster, and the infotainment system were all taken from a real vehicle. The car even has a working set of headlights.

The hefty model weighs in at 1,885 kilograms and is fitted with an electric drivetrain that allows it to be driven and reach speeds up to 28 kilometers per hour, which is great considering most cities anyway have a terrible traffic problem. 

Lego lovers and petrolheads can check out the model at Legoland Japan from now up until October 11. The replica will reportedly be exhibited at the Japanese Super GT racing series afterward.