KitKat Is Keeping Its Fingers Crossed Along With Fans This World Cup Season!

Whether it’s the feeling of excitement during the toss, or the anticipation of a crucial over, or the wait for a victory in every match… there’s one thing uniting every Indian this World Cup season: we all have our fingers crossed!

KitKat has joined fans in keeping its fingers crossed this World Cup season… quite literally.

The brand’s #FingersCrossed campaign embodies the vibe and energy of all cricket fans right now, and brings it to life in an exciting way. 

KitKat highlighted their interesting #FingersCrossed stance with an uplifting brand film: 

It’s the most anticipated event of the year 

From the toss to the very last ball of the match – nothing unites Indians like a game of cricket! And no feeling is more powerful during a game of cricket than hope. 

KitKat built on this feeling of hope to create a message that adds to the spirit of unity running through everyone’s veins when it comes to Team India!

The best bit? The brand retained their signature quirky style, and used the product to seamlessly embody their creative concept of “fingers crossed”.

A super real and relatable way to connect with fans across the nation, cheer for Team India, while keeping it very ‘KitKat’!

KitKat… for the win! 

By building on a relatable sentiment, KitKat struck a chord with a creative take on a simple hand gesture we all do without realizing! An innovative campaign – and one that was perfectly timed.