Can You Forgive These Experimental Recipes The Way Cadbury Just Did?

In the quest to go viral on social media, people attempt all sorts of bizarre things. 

But what’s more bizarre than… a Chocolate Samosa? 
Maybe a Chocolate Dosa?
Or Chocolate Noodles? 

The internet is flooded with unusual recipes, and it’s causing outrage among chocolate loyalists.

Cadbury first addressed this growing trend… and then went on to propose a solution with a clever campaign!

For every questionable recipe, there was a comments section totally polarized in opinion. Safe to say, people were not happy about the unconventional chocolate dishes. 

In the spirit of World Forgiveness Day, Cadbury chose to embrace the crusaders and forgive their experimental recipes. They united chocolate lovers with an alternative recipe instead: Cadbury Chocobakes. 

Highlighting the superiority of their Cadbury indulgence, the brand positioned itself as the ‘best’ recipe. A cheeky way to introduce the product with a fun approach that resonated with the chocolate experimenters… as well as the loyalists! 

Oh, and in a fun little coincidence, World Forgiveness Day also happened to be World Chocolate Day! 

This gave the brand the perfect opportunity to engage with the audience and encourage them to be more forgiving, while tapping into the ‘chocolate’ theme effortlessly.

Win win win. 

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