How Diageo is Reinventing The Drinking Experience With its Brand New Pocket Sized Product Line

Diageo is building a new kind of beverage narrative for millennials with the ‘Scotch Hipster’ – a selection of their premium Scotch brands reimagined in an exciting new avatar. For so long, Scotch was seen as the old man’s drink – stiff, rigid and ritualistic. Diageo is now looking to change that perception by making the category appealing to a newer generation of responsible and thoughtful adults who enjoy spending their time chasing new pursuits and expressing themselves socially.

Millennials value convenience, their lives demand it. We’ve seen wine bags in boxes at outdoor picnics and cocktail mixes in pouches at socially-distanced gatherings, but Diageo’s Hipster range is disrupting the status quo in an area that has been unchallenged so far – the domain of Scotch whisky.

Available in the premium Black Dog Black Reserve, Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve, Black & White Scotch Whisky, and VAT 69 brands, the Scotch Hipster is an absolute treat in a 180 ml package. 

The new format is reminiscent of a hip flask – small, pocket-friendly (both literally and figuratively) and super stylish. 

Fancy a picnic in your backyard? The light-weight, fuss free Hipster makes hangouts fun –

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Diageo’s new offering is surely a game changer.