Benetton Creates Yet Another Brilliant Campaign This Independence Day With #UnitedByHope

Benetton is a unique brand that has consistently been every marketer’s delight and every consumer’s hope – truly. They have time and again come up with the most hard-hitting campaigns that fill your heart with joy and positivity. This Independence Day, they’re back with a beautiful campaign that really captures the spirit of the nation right now – #UnitedByHope. While most brands tend to take the more predictable patriotic route in their campaigns, Benetton has broken the superficial attempt at riding the bandwagon and is really pushing the envelope with this new #UnitedByHope campaign.

The video showcases the uniqueness that is India when it comes to the attire we put on. Across states, across religions, across communities, across families and even across individuals, our choice in clothes and accessories is very diverse and distinctive. The video captures different individuals talking about their prized attires, from the turban and burkha to the cross around the neck and the sindoor on the head. Every piece has a special story and is held very close to the heart. Each of these unique elements is placed in one box that becomes a concoction of the different facets of India. This box is then handed over to a group of kids. That is when magic unfolds. Watch the video below:


The simplicity of the storytelling is what really drives this campaign home. Watching kids accept, embrace and thoroughly enjoy all parts of India’s culture by playing with the mix of the attire is such a delight to watch. Isn’t this what Independence Day really is all about? Bringing in the hope that we stand united and the diversity is what makes us as Indians so unique. #UnitedByHope is a beautifully thought and wonderfully executed campaign – we absolutely love it! Go on and celebrate that piece of clothing which you love – and lets all stand together #UnitedByHope! Happy Independence Day!