5paisa’s New Campaign Brings Advisory from Unexpected Sources; Rings a Forgotten Bell Among Advertisers

In times when likes and shares largely define the campaign’s success, 5paisa’s holistic new ad series #AbTohSabkoPataHai takes one back to a forgotten age of TV commercials. From asking us whether there’s salt in our toothpaste to whether Balbir Pasha will be fine, that era of classic Indian advertising gave us lines that would stick with the people, and make way into their daily conversations. #AbTohSabkoPataHai does that and more. The campaign establishes that everybody knows the secret to smart investing is out there on 5paisa.com.

Conceptualised and produced by White Rivers Media, the campaign outlines how the secret to smart investing is on 5paisa, and everyone knows it. Thus being aptly named ‘#AbTohSabkoPataHai’.

The three films, through the element of surprise and humour, capture the attention of the audience in a unique way. From a work of art to astronauts in space, everybody seems to simply know everything when it comes to stock trading affairs, all thanks to 5paisa’s platform. 

The first film is set in a movie theatre, where the movie characters on the screen speak to the audience in attendance, but what shocks them, even more, is when a man struggling with stocks doesn’t know what 5paisa is.

The second film is set in an art gallery, where a painting comes to life and educates the onlookers about building healthy finance habits with 5paisa.

The third film features a man making a phone call to his buddy, while TV plays in the background. Much like all our phones listening to us all the time (we’re sorry but we’re so convinced it’s true), the astronaut on the TV screen overhears the conversation and jumps in to talk about 5paisa.

Creative teasers and a push from leading category influencers helped create anticipation and built up to the launch of #AbTohSabkoPataHai TVCs. Memes and Twitter trends followed right after the launch, to seamlessly amplify the conversationalist universe that 5paisa had brought to life.

Here’s to a long-overdue clutter-breaking BFSI campaign, one that proves that 5paisa is definitely a brand to watch out for!