Uno Is Flirting With Users On Tinder In The Most Clever Campaign We Have Seen This Year

It sounds bizarre right?! Uno, a card game we have grown loving since our childhood is now on Tinder and is on a fiery streak of matches! If you have been part of Tinderverse, you must have come across a quirky Uno profile trying to get a match with you. The profile has been set up like any other, but with a whole lot of sass and clever puns relating to the game.

Warning : If you have anxiety about your conversations on Tinder, be prepared to be embarrassed as Uno def has better pick up lines than you. 

The profile features display pictures of Uno taking a casual swim, playing with a dog, that gym selfie, or that ‘me day’ in bed. The bio in itself is a witty take on the game – “Swipe right to see my wild side and you’ll be screaming my name before you finish”

Here’s what the account looked like :

This was just the start, once matched, Tinder dropped some crazy pickup lines and kept the sass going in their responses. But if you thought Uno was playing smart with all its game related puns, you aren’t giving people on Tinder enough credit because they took this on as an open challenge and added to the conversation in some amazingly hilarious ways. Here’s some of the most intriguing conversation :

1. When asked about their gender :



2. Because fun games can ruin friendships


3. When the conversation suddenly became about a ‘deck’ of cards



4. The profile was ‘drawing’ a lot of attention.


5. Best.


Turns out this whole thing was to lure people towards going for a date with Uno in the form of an actual event that is being hosted in Doolally this Saturday. You’ve got to attend it if you are in the city!

The purpose is to introduce Uno’s latest game features to the customers in a fun way. The new pack contains 3 customisable wildcards along with a swap hands feature as well. So the brand decided to interact with youngsters on the flirty Tinder Platform through which they were able to interact and build conversations with them, making several UNO puns and references.

We are absolutely in love with the campaign execution, here’s a Superlike from us, you punny folks at Uno.