Tuborg Nepal’s Rendition Of Diplo’s ‘Stay Open’ Song Is Winning Hearts And How!

Earlier this year, Tuborg Open brought together a group of musicians from across the world for a unique musical endeavour.  The idea was to create a song with one global message, told in a different way by each collaborating artist from different countries. These artists used a track created by world renowned musician DJ Diplo and Danish rising star MØ called ‘Stay Open’ and gave that song their own twist, unique to their own culture.

The implicit message that this musical campaign aims to spread is that by being ‘open’ to collaborations, and being ‘open’ to a variety of cultures we reinforce trust and add value to lives all around us.

All collaborating artists were thus encouraged to rewrite verses of the original song to tell the story of what being ‘Open to More’ meant to them. Through this campaign the brand is encouraging people to be inquisitive about the diversity in cultures around us, to try new experiences and sharing them with others.

While this campaign has been running for quite some time now, what caught our eye recently was the Nepali version of the collaboration which has been going quite viral. Popular local artists, Laure and Bipul Chettri rewrote the verses in Nepali to narrate of what being ‘Open To More’ means to them. Check it out :



This collaboration rightly proves that ‘music knows no boundaries’ and that it transcends borders to explore new ideas of creativity. Nepali artists, Bipul and Laure flew to Copenhagen to meet with Danish star MØ where they shared their open approaches to making music and put a unique spin on the song.

The campaign has been performing exceptionally wellThey reached out to more than 8.8 million unique users through 15 contests on social media. The global trailer launch alone received 1.1 million views, whereas the actual music video has garnered 5.1 million views. The song is all about the rewritten verses, and the importance reflects in the fact that the lyrical video has been viewed more than 10 million times as well.