toothsi Ropes In Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma As Brand Ambassadors

India’s leading smile makeover brand, toothsi, has just announced Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma as their brand ambassadors. The power couple will not only work with the brand to build a strong user connect, but will also promote the adoption of new-age teeth straightening clear aligners.

They had something brewing with the duo on their social media since the last few days, and finally the cat is out of the bag.

This association will enable the brand to create widespread awareness about their products and services, given the wide fan following of the star couple. In a country where teeth misalignment issues are not taken seriously, the need of such star power to establish a strong presence increases exponentially, and toothsi has got it spot on.

What is toothsi known for?

The company offers a modern, tech-backed solution in the form of clear aligners that are discreet and can be used at one’s home to straighten teeth within six to eight months. In addition, customers can book a scan, get updates, and monitor treatment progress through the brand’s app. 

Here’s what the brand’s CEO, and the two brand ambassadors had to say:

“The talented duo Virat and Anushka personify youth and confidence with which our target audience can easily identify. Daring and fiercely talented Anushka and Virat, with their gorgeous smiles and bold, spirited personality are the perfect fit for our brand. We believe together, we can take the brand to the next level and create awareness about new-age teeth straightening solutions,” said Dr Arpi Mehta Shah, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), toothsi. 

“We teamed up with toothsi as it offers a simple yet accessible solution for people who are looking to transform their smiles,” said Anushka Sharma 

“To me, trust and reliability are crucial for success not only in the game of cricket but in all aspects of my life. toothsi too has proven to be a dependable brand for people looking for smile makeovers and we are delighted to join the brand and partner with them in their wonderful mission to enable affordable smile makeovers for everyone,” said Virat Kohli

Another key announcement

Along with the onboarding of Anushka and Virat as brand ambassadors, the company has also announced the merging of toothsi and skinnsi brands to launch makeO, the first of its kind at-home smile and skin makeover services in India. makeO will focus on providing technology and science-backed dental and skin care solutions to its customers and cater to a burgeoning rise of consumers with disposable incomes and awareness of self-care and physical aesthetics.