This Mother’s Day Campaign Hits A Home Run With Strangers Acting Like Moms

Amongst the plethora of similar looking and similar sounding Mother’s Day campaigns, Teleflora has created quite a unique and exciting campaign for the special day this year. Their ‘Love Like a Mother’ campaign has strangers trying to bond through really awkward situations.

In a variety of scenes bundled up together, we see hilarious instances of strangers jumping into another person’s lives and displaying that love and care that only a mother would show towards her children.

For instance, in one scene a woman leans over to the person sitting next to her to blow her nose with a handkerchief, and in another a fellow job candidate grooms a grown man right before their interview. The situations presented make you laugh and at the same time fills your heart with endearment as each bit reminds you of your own mother. Check it out!

A brand spokesperson said,

“The level of authenticity and vulnerability we experience with Mom is unmatched. She is our anchor and the first person we turn to when we need emotional support. This Mother’s Day, we hope consumers love out loud and express the unique feelings only they share with Mom in ways that make her feel truly special.”