Amazon’s New Campaign Is A Heartwarming Montage Of Real Sellers On The Platform

The festive season is upon us, and so are a lot of heart-warming stories by some of our most beloved brands. Keeping in line with their heartfelt brand communication over the years, Amazon has released a delightful campaign titled #TyohaarKeLiyeTaiyaar in the lead up to this festive season. This high-spirited video depicts real-life sellers, highlighting their preparations for the festive season. 

It’s a feel-good video which gives us a glimpse into the lives of these sellers and shows us what’s happening behind the scenes. The video brings together a beautiful montage of small businesses proudly claiming their readiness and excitement for what’s in store.

The story is tied together with a beautifully penned poem, which aptly reflects the emotions of each individual seller on the platform. There is a very warm moment in the film when the voiceover claims “taiyaar hai hum, phir wahi ujala phailane ke liye“, and right at that moment a trader’s humble little shop lights up with fairy lights that he has been painstakingly making late into the night.

In fact the entire poem is a poignant juxtaposition of the sellers and the advent of the festive season. While you are watching scenes of small businesses bringing their art to life, the poem reminds you of the times gone by and is symbolic of the times we live in. 

When you realise that each individual depicted in the video is indeed a seller on the platform, the smiles on their faces become so much more meaningful.

Check it out :

We love how these sellers were given a voice in this campaign. It is a well crafted video which embodies the spirit and soul of so many small businesses in the country.

At a time when so many things around us are uncertain, it is reassuring to see so many businesses ready in time for the festive season. It is their products and services, no matter how small, that form the fabric of modern India. It is their diyas and lights that will brighten up houses this Diwali and it is their sweets and desserts that families will gift each other with love and affection.