Seagram’s Royal Stag’s New Campaign Has A Star Studded Lineup Of Global Icons

In a campaign filled with global icons, Seagram’s Royal Stag celebrates the spirit of dreaming, succeeding and making it large. In their latest campaign, we see a star-studded lineup featuring Ranveer Singh, Rohit Sharma, Diva Dhawan, Jasprit Bumrah, Kane Williamson, Young OHM and McDonald Wanyama.

The brand has since long stood for the emotion of ‘make it large’, and with this powerful campaign they are reinforcing this message inspiring the audience to dream big and achieve big.

So, what’s the big message? – Can a world that thinks large, ever be small?

Through a montage of global icons spread across nationalities, ethnicities and gender, the ad film instils a strong message of chasing success without any boundaries. The campaign has been conceptualised by Ogilvy India, and directed by German director Julian Ticona Cuba, in partnership with Estonia based production house, Munchhausen.

If the world needed a little nudge of motivation, now would be the time. This campaign does exactly that, inspiring the audience to dream big and broaden the canvas of our achievements.