Pornhub Is Making Ads For Small Businesses And Displaying Them On Their Website

Pornhub has an innuendo filled campaign, through which they are looking to help small businesses across the world navigate through the current economic downturn.

They are calling it Pornhub’s Big Package for Small Businesses.

Pornhub is choosing 1,000 small businesses and supporting them by running ads for them on pornhub.com – which gets more than 120 million visitors per day. In total, they will be giving away 1 billion ad impressions for free to these small businesses.

Their campaign video begins with small business owners claiming “I am on PornHub”, in what turns out to be an innuendo filled video. Check it out!

It’s a great initiative by the brand to support small businesses who don’t have the liquidity to spend on advertising at the moment.

The interesting bit was the fact that Pornhub’s own creative team, gave these small brands innuendo laden ad creatives.


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