Philips Delights With This Beautiful Ode To A Mother From A Mother

Motherhood is perhaps the most fulfilling, satisfying and yet the most challenging journey that women embark on in their lifetime. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes, known only to the mother, which becomes all too evident only when we ourselves become a mother much later in our lives. More often than not, women are quick to respond with how their experience as a mother has been the most delightful part of their lives, but it takes a mother herself to know how it is actually a roller coaster of emotions.

On World Breastfeeding Week, Philips paid a tribute to mothers with a beautiful story. The video features Priya Malik, as she recounts her journey into motherhood by reciting an emotion inducing poem to her own mother. The little memories recounted by her are all too real, and so easily relatable in our own lives. The poem is a strong reflection of motherhood, and throws light on the little things which otherwise go unnoticed.

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Philips has been a pioneer when it comes to creating conversations around the importance of breastmilk and a new mother’s journey of breastfeeding, and they do it once again with this video timed aptly during the World Breastfeeding Week. The brand urges us to be more supportive to breastfeeding mothers, as family, as friends or even as colleagues. Committed to give every baby a strong start and to provide the most comfortable feeding experience, Philips Avent has a wide portfolio of products such as breast pumps, breast pads and PES baby bottles.

Philips Avent lets new mothers enjoy the freedom and comfort they deserve. It further empowers women to adopt the choice of feeding that they think is right for their babies, nurturing the special bond between a mother and a child. If you know someone who is on their breastfeeding journey, introduce them to Philips Avent and celebrate motherhood.