Netflix Took The Radhika Apte Banter To A Whole New Level, And It’s Working For Them

More often than not, when your brand is stuck in a troll on social media, your immediate response is to get ahead of it by changing the conversation entirely. So when netizens begun tweeting about how everywhere you look on Netflix, there seems to be Radhika Apte in it, you’d think that Netflix too would want to change the conversation, maybe hire a few influencers to talk about the diverse set of movies and shows that they have. But surprisingly, Netflix India embraced it, and did one better themselves.

For example, when Zomato tweeted this last night, Netflix found a great way to take the banter forward by finding ‘Radhika’ nested within the words of the various paneers.


When Padman begun streaming on Netflix, instead of using the star power of Akshay Kumar to market it, Netflix used the social media power of Radhika Apte to promote it.

If you take a closer look on their Instagram profile, you will notice something pretty baffling as well. I mean, lets not forget this a multi million dollar global corporate giant.


And you can hear about it from Radhika herself.



Twitterati themselves couldn’t help but talk about this Radhika Apte fascination.