McDonald’s Just Trolled Burger King, And They Returned The Favour In This Witty Billboard Exchange

Historically Burger King has gone to great lengths to troll McDonald’s, and they have always been the naughtier of the two, picking up tiny battles with McDonald’s every now and then. This time however, it was McDonald’s turn to troll a brand new Burger King joint which opened in Brussels’ city centre. It was a pretty simple idea.

They put up a billboard ad right next to the Burger King restaurant, reminding customers and passers-by that McDonald’s gives them something that Burger King does not – table service! The message on the banner read : “Served by a king, or served as a king? Discover our table service at McDonald’s.” The ad also transformed the iconic Golden Arches into a crown, to refer to Burger “King”. That wasn’t it however. At the bottom of the billboard, they also put the directions to the nearest McDonald’s, just a few minutes away.

Burger King, however, was quick to respond and right next to that billboard, they put up a sign of their own. This time they resorted to the one thing that only Burger King offers – flame grilled burgers. The message read : “Why try to roast when you can’t even flame grill?” Aah, whattay repartee, we like!