This Airline Put Up A Billboard, Just To Convince A Couple To Fly Again

Remember that feeling when you’ve packed your bags, you are heading to the airport and you have already started taking selfies for the ’gram? 

Probably not, and we don’t blame you. It’s been ages since it last happened. IndiGo wanted to change that by making every Indian fly again. The brand wanted to make up for all our missed travel plans and cancelled vacations last year.

But how do you convince a whole country to fly again? By talking to one Indian family at a time!

IndiGo found Mr. and Mrs. Bakshi, an ordinary couple from Mumbai and turned them into a celebrity overnight. They dedicated a full-fledged campaign to inspire them to travel again. IndiGo left no stone unturned to convince the Bakshis. They used social media, influencers, newspaper ads, radio announcements, and even a giant hoarding! Who does that?

IndiGo literally got the entire country to join the bandwagon and encourage Mr. & Mrs. Bakshi to fly again.

So, did they say yes? Ofcourse they did!

IndiGo sent them on a trip to Srinagar during Valentine’s week and made them rediscover their love for travel after a full year of staying cooped up at home.  

Now that Mr. and Mrs. Bakshi are successfully convinced, IndiGo is urging all of India to rekindle their love for travel and fly again.

So, what worked for the brand?


Instead of selecting a celebrity, IndiGo focused all their communication towards a regular couple. It built intrigue and made people wonder: Who are Mr. and Mrs. Bakshi and why does IndiGo want them to fly again?


All of us are longing to travel. Be it visiting your grandparents for the summer, or a romantic beach getaway, there’s so much we’ve missed out on. In the last year, all of us have dreamt about our next vacation, and this campaign taps that exact spot.


The campaign felt very personal with the brand reaching out to real people individually. Not only did this spark interest, but it also turned them into celebrities overnight. Imagine driving down a road in your neighborhood and seeing your name splashed across a billboard.

A sharp insight, excellent execution and the unmistakable IndiGo tone of voice made this a campaign to remember.