In A Never Seen Before Initiative, This Ganesha Idol Cleans The Water Body It Is Immersed In

It’s the festival season again, and with that comes ‘visarjans‘. Notoriously, the visarjans result in pollution of the water bodies they are immersed in, but the green city of Palava created a unique solution for that in an environment friendly initiative.

Palava by Lodha Group has consciously aimed to keep the surroundings clean and has committed to give back to the environment through various initiatives. Extending the same vision, the city introduced the Palava Green Ganesha. Replicating Mayureshwar of Morgaon, the first among the Asthavinayakas, renowned artist Haribaabu Naatesan created a Ganesh idol made completely of alum. Weighing over 500 kilograms, the 4 feet idol was placed in Xperia Mall, Palava allowing citizens to get a glimpse and seek blessings from the Lord.

Alum, locally known as ‘fitkari’, is a natural ingredient that is known for its purifying capabilities since the ancient times. The Ganesha idol at Palava, on visarjan, did not pollute the water but in fact cleaned it.

Check it out below :


Palava is an environment-friendly city, which is popular for taking such green initiatives. It believes in conserving the environment and practices rain water harvesting, smart waste management and reuses waste water for landscaping. There are thousands of trees and saplings planted in the city which provides vast green spaces keeping the air in the city clean & healthy at all times. The solar panels atop the street lights at Palava generate solar power to light public areas in the neighborhood.