How Rajkumar Rao And A Truck Full Of Laddoos Created Intrigue About The Glance Live Fest

There has been a massive shift towards consuming LIVE content over the last few years. It’s authentic, it’s real and most importantly, it’s sticky. It keeps the audience glued to the screen – or in this case, the lock screen.

Why the lock screen?

We are talking about the Glance Live Fest, where users can interact with their favourite celebrities, shop, play games, witness new brand launches – all of it, LIVE.

But here’s what caught our eye – how Glance marketed this fest in the lead up to the event, and how each individual callout was brought to life through an intricately thought out storyline featuring Rajkumar Rao and Laddoos.

Laddoos? Yes, wait for it.  For now, like every 90s uncle would say – let’s start from the start.

Through a series of binge-able videos, Glance was able to build excitement and intrigue about the event. Here they are:

Build FOMO amongst the audience, check.

Now, Rajkumar Rao wasn’t going to give up that easy. He did everything he could, to score that invite. So, whom do you call to get an invite to an event which is going to be filled with celebrities?

Yep, Karan Johar.

Establishing that all the biggest celebrities are going to be there, check.

Then he found out new celebrity brands will be launched at event, so he invented a brand of his own. Look at how FOMO inspired innovation.

Establishing that users can shop live, check.

When that didn’t work, he turned to becoming a tambola host. 

Establishing that users can play live games, check.

Nothing was going his way, and everything was going Glance’s way (at least their marketing team’s way).

Now, Glance could have dropped the ball here. But they took it one step ahead, and the COO stepped in with a little bit of his own banter. This is when Laddoos came into the equation.

Remember that famous line from Game of Thrones – “The lone wolf dies, and the pack survives”.

That’s exactly what happened with Rajkumar Rao. He failed, but his fan army succeeded. They did a little something called a ‘Laddoo Protest’ and boy did they mean business.

It wasn’t just on social media, they even sent a giant truck filled with Laddoos to the Glance office in Bangalore. It even got covered by various news outlets. Here’s how that played out.

Glance finally caved, and Rajkumar Rao got his well-deserved invite.

The plot-line communicated all the key highlights of the event, and got everyone excited about it by creating FOMO via Rajkumar Rao. But let’s not forget the real heroes – the creative brains behind this campaign that reached more than 50 million users. The campaign was conceptualized and executed in-house within the Glance marketing team.