FBB TV Launches The First Ever Instagram Web Series Where You Decide What Happens Next

Millennials spend most of their free time doing two things – consuming OTT content in the form of a web series, or swiping through Instagram Stories. Here’s a campaign which combines both of these elements into the most innovative festive campaign this year.

In one of the most unique campaigns we have seen this year, fbb’s #PujoPerfect Love Stories has taken a giant stride when it comes to creating a brand presence on social media. They have just introduced a first-of-its-kind Instagram love story co-created by the brand’s social community on Instagram. An interactive Instagram Web Series, that sure has a nice kick to it!

Yes, in this unique love story the Instagram community gets to decide the fate of Roy and Ananya, the protagonists of the story. The brand uses various Instagram features like the poll, quiz, and questions, thus allowing users to decide what happens next in the story. While most brands are still trying to understand how to use social media, fbb has gone ahead and disrupted how brands have traditionally been using Instagram as a marketing platform.

Here’s a little sneak peek at how the story has been unfolding.

This will run till the 23rd of September, with new stories being added at 2pm everyday. Go check it out on @fbbonline right now! Along with this, users also get Pujo shopping offers with every swipe-up which they can redeem at the stores.

We are loving this ongoing love story. The brand sure has created something very unique, which we are sure many brands will follow suit. Kudos!