Here Are The Best Women’s Day Campaigns Of 2022

Women’s Day 2022 saw brands and agencies give voice to all those things which are important to women. While some campaigns enabled conversations on equality in the household, others spoke about financial equality. Brands gave women a platform to talk about their experiences and stories, which empowered all those women who found strength in seeing someone else come out as winners after facing the same difficulties as them.

Here’s our pick of the most impactful Women’s Day campaigns that stood out and caught everyone’s attention:


With their iconic #ShareTheLoad campaign, Ariel has led the conversation on equality within households and has created behaviour changing conversations year after year. In a riveting ad film this year, Ariel asks a very significant question – Why is it easier for men to divide household chores with each other, but not with their wives?


Dhan is laying the path towards equality in financial representation by encouraging more women to begin their investing journeys. The brand is making strong commitments to bridge the gap between the number of male and female investors.


Smytten’s campaign is a celebration of all women – the relentless mothers and the rebellious teens, the ones who break the glass ceiling and the ones who need a break, those who shy away from the mirror and those who just can’t get enough. Every woman is iconic, just the way she is.

The Pink Foundry

The Pink Foundry enabled conversations around ‘strength’ and got women from all walks of life to share their stories and experiences, encouraging everyone to find joy in the small wins of every single day. With the campaign thought of ‘you are stronger than you think’, the brand is empowering all those women looking for that extra spark.

Prega News

Prega News has time and again depicted fresh perspectives when it comes to motherhood. In this campaign, we see how four different women view motherhood, and how their approach shapes those around them. It poses a question which many women have heard before – How do you manage both? – and leaves us with a warm message at the very end.


In a stirring campaign vivo sheds light on how women are expected to ‘pose’ differently for society through every stage of life. The video brilliantly features a montage of moments exposing the various biases women face, urging everyone to introspect and make a definitive change.

Which campaign did you enjoy the most?