Here Are The Best Mother’s Day Campaigns of 2022

There are no words, gestures or tributes adequate enough to celebrate the superhero that is a Mother. Even so, every year we all make our best attempt to celebrate Mothers. Mother’s Day 2022 saw brands and agencies creating beautiful content, with simple yet powerful messages.

Here’s our pick of the best Mother’s Day campaigns that stood out and caught everyone’s attention:

Unacademy | Meri Pehli Academy

We learn the most important life lessons from our mothers. She was our first teacher, our first coach and first trainer. Through a super relatable film, Unacademy showcased how we have unknowingly learnt so much from our mother, by simply observing her, being around her and just having her hand-hold us through our lives.

Asian Paints | Mom Ke #KhatteMeetheRules

Everything about Asian Paints’ campaign was so relatable. Imagine what makes a home – you, your family, and all of your mother’s myriad set of rules. They called it mom’s #KhatteMeetheRules.

TTK Prestige | Seekhna Zaroori Hai

TTK Prestige challenged gender roles in the kitchen highlighted a very relevant life lesson in their adorable Mother’s Day campaign.

iD Fresh Food | Khaana Khaaya

iD Fresh Food brought back its much loved #KhaanaKhaaya proposition where food acts as a powerful catalyst in communicating hard-to-express, yet universally relatable emotions.

DLF Mall of India

DLF Mall of India’s campaign conceptualised by Quick Brown Fox had a very unique perspective this Mother’s Day. We call her first thing in the morning, send her gifts, ‘gram a photo with her, but what if we could give her something that she would cherish the most – our time.

Tanishq | The Interview

Tanishq took the ad world by storm with their stirring take on maternity leaves. What is seen by many as a break in the professional lives of women, is rightly shown as an experience which teaches her to lead, make difficult decisions, and juggle multiple roles and responsibilities. Stellar stuff!

Prega News | #ShesImperfectlyPerfect

Prega News gave an eye-opening insight into what it’s like being a mother. In her quest to be the best she can be in everything she does, she ends up feeling guilty if she falls short even by half a percent.

Why can’t she make the same mistakes that we all make? Why do we expect her to always be perfect? When the reality is, like everyone else, she can, and she does make mistakes, forget things, and be imperfectly perfect.

Which one was your favourite?